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So, you’ve decided to detox! You are doing yourself and our heart kids a good deed.

You are on your way to signing up – good on you! Just so you know, you don’t have to put away your phone entirely, we are asking you to reduce your social media use to a maximum of an hour a day BUT we would love to see you go cold turkey!!

Not only will you be helping HeartKids help our heart kids, but there are so many benefits associated with reducing your social media intake. You are going to feel better mentally, your relationships will improve, you will sleep better AND have so many more hours in the day to do things that benefit YOU!

You are on a win win here.

So, keep going, sign up below, set your goals and download a social media tracking app that will help you monitor your usage. MORE importantly, tell your friends and family and ask them to sponsor you or join you in the detox. Don’t forget to post a daily screenshot on your fundraising page of your usage so people can see how you are going.

Lastly, enjoy this time away, give yourself the break you need and reset those batteries.

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